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Flange Adaptors

Roughing in the plumbing for a concrete coated floor building is second nature to most plumbers and is done virtually the same all over the country. Where the difference lies is how the plumber deals with the drain pipe used to connect the water closets. The flange adaptors will make rough in plumbing for water closets simple, quick and cost effective. Whether the application is an upper floor with 1” or 1 ˝” of concrete, we have the adaptor that will make the installation of closet flanges painless.

Our 1” and 1 ˝” deck flange adaptors are designed for projects with lightweight concrete floors, such as those used in wood frame or steel deck multi-storey commercial and residential projects or in-floor heating applications. In these instances where a concrete slab is poured over a wood or metal deck our flange adaptor can be attached directly to the deck prior to the concrete being poured.

Simply drill your hole through the decking for your waste and attach our deck flange over the hole. The concrete finishers can then pour the top coating right around the flange adaptor. When the concrete is dry, the plumber simply has to knock the top out of the adaptor and install the waste pipe and closet flange. The other benefit of the adaptor is that it maintains a 1” plastic ring equal in size to the outer ring of the closet flange. No more hammer drills, simply screw the flange to the adaptor with #10 wood screws and you’re finished.


No more trying to save time by cutting a hole into a 2” x 8” plank and set it over the waste line at the level of the finished floor. Even after the floor is finished, you still have to cut the wood so that the closet flange could be installed. Another familiar solution is wrapping the waste pipe with insulation thereby maintaining a space that would allow the flange to slip down over the pipe. Regardless of the make shift solution there is always the pipe that didn’t get a ‘treatment’. In this case the contractor would have to hammer out the concrete around the pipe for the flange. Just think, no matter the solution you would still have pull out the hammer drill so that the flange could be attached to the floor.

                                         Whether you are  working on a small factory project installing a pair of washrooms or at a new wood frame or steel decked multi-floor hotel/condo installing 50 washrooms on the second storey or maybe doing some simple in-floor heating in a residential setting, our new flange adaptors will make the job easier.

                         Using our new flange adaptors on your project will                                                            


 Ease Installation  Save Time Save Money   Increase competitiveness