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Original Quick Block

   Revolutionized the way pipes get supported - virtually eliminated wood blocks

  First pipe support to be readily available at the wholesale

Simple, efficient and convenient

  Long lasting - millions still in use

  Economical then and now

NEW Revised Quick Block 

      Integrated channel uses standard strut clamps

      Full length extension kit cylinders provide greater stability

      New 6 height for all jurisdictions

      Foam easily removed/reinstalled for extension kits

Extension Kits

       Roller extensions for engineered installations requiring expansion and contraction

      Standard strut kits to increase height up to 14" standard

     1" caps that can be attached directly to the block or used with threaded rod

      Custom extension kits designed for your project



NEW Flange Adaptors

Simplify flange installation in slab on deck construction

Eliminate concrete drills when installing the flange

Set flange location without pre-piping - simply screw it down

Screwed directly to the deck it cannot be knocked out of alignment by concrete installers



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