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Original Quick Blockô/E-Z Sleeper

In October 2001, the idea for a better roof block was conceived by a plumbing contractor whose family had been in the field for over fifty years. Just like many other contractors, he had always built pipe supports from wood and foam to support gas pipes and conduit for roof top units on flat roofs. Since that time thousands of contractors across North America have used millions of the Quick Block/E-Z Sleeper to complete their project quickly, professionally and inexpensively.

The Quick Block/E-Z Sleeper continues to be the #1 choice for pipe installers because of the simplicity in design and the ease of use. Here are just some of the numerous benefits offered by the original Quick Block.


Eliminate Possible Damage

Today's modern roofs are designed to provide a clean, secure seal with years of trouble free performance. Although the material is far superior to that offered in the past, it is not impervious. So why use anything that might jeopardize that seal. The Quick Block offers a polystyrene base specifically designed to protect the roof. The density and size has been tested to ensure that any penetration will occur to our block and not the roof. In other words, if something sharp goes unnoticed, it will safely enter the base of the block and not the roof. Other pipe support manufacturers either don't understand or don't care what there base is made out of and simply use a base material that is cheap! Thanks to the input of a variety of roofing manufacturers input, the Quick Block is designed to protect the roof.



Multiple Runs made Easy

The Quick Block/E-Z Sleeper offers inter-connectability which certainly makes pipe runs easier to install and much more professional looking. Old methods would have perhaps included long pieces of wood, some styrofoam and some nails(!) to build a pipe run support. With the Quick Block, you simply click another one on to the end a block and you have increased the width of your run a foot at a time.



Even working with extension kits is a breeze with the Quick Block. Nothing complicated, no erector sets, simply add another block to increase your width. Now that is why it is the Quick Block.



The Quick Block/E-Z Sleeper might have been introduced as a solution for gas pipe but it has since become so much more and is used in a variety of applications. Supporting furnaces, duct work conduit, the Quick Block is simply the best choice.



Product Support

Another key feature that our customers like is not just because the Quick Block/E-Z Sleeper is strong and economical, it is the only support on the market to offer a warranty longer than a year. When you are installing systems that are meant to last for decades, the last thing you want to do is use supporting components guaranteed to last a year. The Quick Bock will support your project now and for years to come!







The Original Quick Blockô/E-Z Sleeper is there to support you in any situation whether it be pipe, conduit or anything else you can imagine.

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